Cricket 2005 Demo 2005

Cricket 2005 allows you to play simulated Cricket as your favorite domestic and international players and teams

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    Demo 2005

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    Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows XP

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Cricket 2005 Demo 2005
Cricket 2005 Demo

Because EA is an American company, it doesn't make sense that they decided to make a game that America doesn't love all that much. The cricket games that EA has produced reflects their lack of enthusiasm in the sport because we haven't seen much for high quality in these games. In fact, Cricket 2002 suffered from the ailment of being painfully easy because the developers at EA failed to truly understand the sport.

Cricket 2005: Another Halfhearted Attempt?

Unfortunately, Cricket 2005 doesn't distinguish itself from the pattern, and yet again, we have another halfhearted attempt at an American-made cricket game. Anyone who grew up in South Africa can appreciate the game of cricket fully because the two main sports there were rugby and cricket. As a result, you tend to have more experience with these sports. Cricket has always been seen as more of the gentleman's game, but Cricket 2005 just doesn't live up to the expectations of any die-hard cricket fan.

Full Licensing of All the Stadiums, Players and Teams?

Likely one of the first things that you will notice is how EA has licensed all the teams, players and stadiums. Again, this has always been one of the strongest points of EA Sports is how they have always gone the extra mile to get the licensing. The only thing that you won't find licensing for are the cricket equipment brands. However, that's fairly easy to deal with.

Intuitive Game Menus

All the game menus look fluid, and a cricket bat will replace your cursor as you browse through the menus. It's a nice touch to show how EA Sports went the extra mile. Speaking about the graphics, we also have a sound game even if it does look somewhat half baked at times. For example, the player models look great for the most part. However, if you look at a team like from Canada, you will see how they have terribly generic faces. You don't see a lot of effort put into this end of the game and it shows.

Top Class with the Team Kits

While some of the teams look terribly generic and you can tell something has gone wrong with them, the team kits look like the top of its class. In fact, they look like the next best thing to reality. EA did a fantastic job in that area.

Even despite some of the good that this company does, it fails to measure up to what it could be for cricket fans. The EA symbol found on the cricket bat looks horribly generic. Still, if you're a fan of the game of cricket, you may find some pleasure in a few hours of playing cricket on the computer.


  • The team kits have been done fantastically well.
  • EA Sports gets the full licensing for the teams, players and stadiums.


  • You don't feel the same passion from EA in this game as you might from their NCAA football game.

Cricket 2005 is the demo version of the very popular game produced and developed by EA. It enables users to enjoy complete access for a single inning, and this includes all of the features that are available in the full version. I had a great experience with this demo, but I didn't end up buying the game simply because I'm more of a baseball fan.

Cricket lovers will enjoy the smooth graphics, multiple views, realistic player movements and many other characteristics that bring the game to life. I was able to choose players, create teams, view stats and access a number of management tools. Expect to take some time to learn all of the controller and key commands, but my performance improved once I got the hang of things.

I don't like the fact that the program is so large. The file is almost 300MB, and it takes a while to install. Installation will probably be faster on powerful computers that are optimized for gaming. I would recommend that you use a controller instead of the keyboard when playing the game as well. In my opinion, actual performance was fine. It was smooth, responsive and I didn't encounter any annoying delays. It took a while to load, but this was not a surprise considering the size of the program.

Installation is automatic and I was able to remove the game without any problems once I got bored with the trial. You will be prompted to purchase the full version of the game at the end of the first inning, and the link takes you to the main EA website and order page.

This is a great game that comes from a reputable company, and I think many people will love the demo. I wish the demo was a little bit longer to allow more time to experience the various features. I also wish the demo had a better menu that explained the controller and keystrokes without having to pause the game. A print option would be handy to allow players to have a quick-reference page of the controls during gameplay, but this isn't to say that the full version has no such feature.


  • Excellent and realistic graphics.
  • Performance is great, even on average machines.
  • Provides access to all features of the game.


  • Only one inning of gameplay is available in the demo.
  • Program is big and it takes a while to load.
  • Doesn't offer printable reference card for controls.

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